As electric heating unit experts, we provide total support for your heating processes. As electric heating unit experts, we provide total support for your heating processes.

Heating processes are an important part for the manufacturing of a wide variety of products. We fully utilize our heating technologies to support our customers and create new added value. We not only cater to our customers’ needs but we also identify the underlying issues and propose higher level solutions. Even when we simply use existing technologies and machines, we incorporate new discoveries and innovations. We believe that such initiatives will enhance our technical and corporate capabilities and contribute to the customers’ satisfaction at a higher level. We communicate directly with our customers and are always doing our best to provide dynamic solutions based on the big picture.

Uniform heating technology: Kyushu Nissho makes visualizing invisible heat possible.

Commercially available stainless-steel heating block

Standard stainless-steel heating blocks available on the market show a difference in the heat distribution between the central and peripheral sections. In this case, the heat given to the work becomes unevenly distributed, resulting in lower yield rates.

Combination of our dense winding heaterand commercially available stainless-steel heating block

One of our core technologies is the dense winding heater wherein the Watt level of the center and edges is adjusted for a single heating unit to heat up uniformly. Using this combination achieves less heat unevenness than a commercial heater.

Heat soaking heater block

We combined our proprietary uniform heating block and dense winding heater to achieve the thermal uniformity shown on the right.
Kyushu Nissho’s unique uniform heating technology satisfies our heating process related needs.

The uniform heating technology of Kyushu Nissho guarantees the improvements below:
Resolution of yield issues

Reduction of manufacturing cost by solving yield issues

Saving facility space

Effective utilization of limited plant space by reducing facility size

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