Thermal analysis

Kyushu-Nissho proposes thermal analysis as a system, not just thermal analysis of heat sources.
Improved efficiency of heating equipment and reduced heat loss through thermal analysis to save resources.


①By examining the optimal specifications and placement positions of our t heaters via thermal analysis,
  We are able to improve the soaking of the heating and cooling plate, increase the useable heating process
  area, and contribute to the reduction of the quantity of equipment to save resources.


②We investigate the cause of the temperature drop in heating equipment by fluid analysis, to prevent
  heat loss due to the influence of the outside air and contribute to the energy saving of the heating furnace.


③Flow analysis I: Improvement of the distribution of hot air flow by optimizing the shape (enclosing plate) of the heating area.


④Flow analysis II: Improvement of hot air flow heating efficiency by optimizing the shape of hot air blowing nozzles.


⑤Thermal elastic deformation analysis of polycarbonate thin sheets by thermal load